A story of ASLI Leader (Academics-Stride-Ladder-Intuition)

A story of ASLI Leader (Academics-Stride-Ladder-Intuition)

Trending Thoughts provides best and reliable stories. Check out our other stories on https://www.trendingthought.com/. Stories of success are flooded on the Internet, magazines and our day-to-day conversations. What we strive for is the ultimate success that actualizes in the wellbeing of our material, professional and emotional goals. While sitting back at home and reading about such stories might develop a striking motivation for you, what goes behind constructing successful lives is a subject to ponder over. Entrepreneurship in today’s world has gone a long way where not only owners of an organization but even employees are asked to be as innovative as possible. Such employees function as Intrapreneurs who employ innovation in top-down management. So, what if you are reluctant to take risks? So, what if you are not the original source of product/ service? So what if you aren’t labeled as the first entrepreneurs of your dream company? You can still affect decisions and create an impact that builds a reputation and carves out the future journey for the organization you are working with. Today, we will discover this aspect of Intrapreneur in this highly dynamic business environment. Well, even if you are an entrepreneur, this task of being Intrapreneur is intimate in the overall success of the company.

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Timothy Donald Cook, fondly called Tim Cook is the CEO of Apple Inc who took over the reigns in 2011 after the sad demise of Steve Jobs. He has been successful in launching user-friendly and path-breaking technology which Apple boasts of. He has experience in an international market with some farfetched organizations and he brings nothing but the best on the table for Apple too. Let’s discover what made him what he is today and why can he be called the ASLI Leader:

1) Academics

We have stories of dropout entrepreneurs who are sensations for the youth today. Take for instance Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg who have changed our interaction with new-age technology. These people are dropouts but they had an academic bending as they were students of the most prestigious university, Harvard. Academics in your own choice of field give you a cutting edge treatment to gaining knowledge and that’s what Tim had done too. Armed with an Industrial Engineering Degree from Auburn University and an MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, he started a new chapter of his life working with some biggest names like IBM and Compaq before joining Apple. His exposures toward huge projects lead him to become what he is today. Yes, education cannot be undermined in any way in becoming who you are.

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