How to be an Entrepreneur

How to be an entrepreneur

Fostering Entrepreneurial Ship Among Youth

Trending Thoughts provide the best and reliable stories. Check out our other stories on Trending Thoughts. How to be an Entrepreneur? The 21st-century economy, skills landscape, availability of opportunities and mushrooming of newer segments in markets are very volatile in nature. The job market is highly competitive, and only the one with niche skills gets equal pay as expected. The jobs that graduate land up do not pay highly. Moreover, the practical exposure for an initial couple of years is very limited and creates a menial, tedious schedule for young minds. What if innovative and ignited minds are shaped in a way where they can create value not only for themselves but for the people at large? The only solution to this is to foster the idea of entrepreneurship in them and encourage and them and give them aids to practice the same.

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Entrepreneurship Primarily works on identifying a hurdle or an existing glitch which can be resolved in a cost-effective manner with the involvement of the community. This also creates a higher level of awareness and ownership in implementing the said innovation. What it does for young people is that it gives them a platform to understand and achieve what others might think is unnecessary and boost a sense of confidence and belongingness in the larger world. They do not just bound themselves to the typical setup of working on something they don’t like and blabber on weekends about their existential crisis.

Think outside the box
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India has the largest population of youth and to tap their talents to create value instead of serving them a mediocre sense of life should be well thought of by the ultra legends of respective industries.

Entrepreneurial ship Hardship

Entrepreneurial ship Hardship
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Of course, entrepreneurship has its own set of hardships. One doesn’t only get to become the boss but has to work top-down handling all the departments 24*7. It is not as promising as a job that gives steady income. It is also not risk-free and has maximum accountability when compared to other fields of work. Such risks can be taken by the younger generation since sliding into a new venture in middle age becomes a questionable adventure. Thus, instead of inflicting heavy blows of moral mantra on them, it’s time we give them optimum room to experiment, showcase their capacity, measure their aptitude and create a strong sense of entrepreneurial spirit in them. In this golden period of the world, it’s time for the youth of India to rise and shine!

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