Indians lack Interdisciplinary Learning

Trending Thoughts provide the best and reliable stories. Check out our other stories on Trending Thoughts. Indians lack interdisciplinary learning. Interdisciplinary is the new “In” in the education world. But what is this all fuss about? Interdisciplinary learning is basically a culmination of similar thematic studies in various subjects to understand core concepts in a better way. For instance, if you are learning about business laws, it is imperative that you know about the business environment of the region. A business environment is always affected by the historical, geopolitical and socio-economic patterns of a region. This is where interdisciplinary comes into picture providing greater insights to the students and make them rock solid in taking up the studies of business laws in a more matured way.

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Now, this surely looks like a heavy task to integrate many subject variants in understanding one specialization but the study aims through expandable are generally much targeted depending on the class of the students. The teaching methods are combined with traditional teaching along with hi-tech technological aids. The students are more engaged. They get more exposure through projects, research, field visits, and expert training. Such a holistic style of teaching can be seen in vocational courses designed for offbeat careers like wedding planning, bartending, hacking, set designing, etc.

What interdisciplinary learning does is, it combats pragmatism in thinking that nothing substantial can be gained by putting in so many waking hours and tons of effort for a particular course. It is a multi-aligned system of learning. It positions students for

advanced learning by overtly challenging the complexity of lack of creativity. It is essential for the overall development of a student’s structural take on career and education. It surely motivates students to exercise more authority on skills, behavior, and knowledge that they employ in the field of their choice.

Interdisciplinary attitude by promoting integration in different segments of learning has created a boon for the students to pursue a high degree of task-oriented education and bringing a real change. No one can deny that education is the first step to bring change and this awareness is the key to understand the inception of interdisciplinary learning. It is the right time to embrace this exciting zone of learning with the right approach for making the right minds to do the right things!

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