Scaling Social Responsibility in Today’s World

Scaling Social Responsibility

Scaling Social Responsibility

With the advent of unhindered technology and faster communications, the world has shrunk technically to be a Global Village. The distance between landscapes may still be huge but the virtual distance is negligible. This doesn’t only bring aids to better living but also some important values from different regions of the world. The core value amongst all remains the same: to live together in harmony and take small steps for social responsibility. Ancient tribes have stayed in the same way but today’s urban educated chic population has lost this accountability of social responsibility on a large scale. What does this mean for us? It means more unaware of future generations living in disintegrated spaces mentally and emotionally.

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Social responsibility is an obligation be it an entity or an individual, but it shouldn’t be considered as a mammoth duty. It needs to come naturally in our efforts and day to day activities. For instance, if you see unnecessary electricity being used, switch it off. Pick up that litter that’s irritating you and dump it in the nearest bin. Help an elderly cross a road. Buy from roadside hawkers during the festive season. Use water wisely. Plant shrubs in your balcony. Help your neighbor during family functions. There’s so much to do in this segment and what does it bring to us? It keeps us intact with our reality in a more interesting way since a mundane day gets a break by engaging in something off beat. The world is running behind off beat careers today. Why not make our living and approach a bit off beat? All said and done, social responsibility is something that has to be embossed in one’s character since childhood. If not then, you can still try to be more aware of the surroundings you belong to. Bring minor changes in your attitude. Eventually, that becomes your habit. All of us are the product and user of this same environment and hence we should not only be concerned with taking all we can, but also giving whatever small we can. Remember, an informed mind has a greater capacity to bring change and grow rather than only an educated mind.

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