Skills That Can Make Indian Youth Employable

The skill has always gained prominence in the context of progress and success in anyone’s professional life; However, we often under look at the significance of life exposure. Exposure to career options, education streams & life-experiences at an early stage, plays a vital role in any individual professional life. New-generation youth often hear saying that the competition is tougher nowadays.

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Rather, they need to understand that mindful exposure is much better now. With various educational apps & increased internet penetration, online courses available even on a smartphone. Children get exposure in many ways such as our schooling, hobbies, socio-economic environment. Each of these adds to the perspective of a person.

The required skill sets come after proficiencies and the ones that should be measured on grooming & Soft skills such as communication, dressing-style, body-language, inter-personal skills. reflects your overall personality. Second is the aptitude like reasoning, language, mathematics, reading comprehension creates the basis of all other skills that can be learned at any stage of a career. Now, the third is a general awareness that keeps you informed person who can perform his basic duties & be aware of his rights. Overall, in my opinion, skill sets are just one-dimensional star. Skill sets at any age in our professional life have to cascade out of current developments.

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