Top 5 Affordable Countries For MBBS

Top 5 affordable countries for MBBS

Looking for quality education in medicine without emptying your pocket then looks nowhere. Here are some universities all over the world that will provide you with an affordable education without compromising the quality of education.


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Russia is one of the topmost countries in affordable education without compromising the quality of education. Russia offers world-class education at a low cost. Russian government allocated 15,000 scholarship opportunities for foreign students. Students who want to pursue a medical degree, they only need to get 50% in high school to get enrolled in Russian medical universities. In Russia, you will also experience the top facilities and hospitals where many of its graduates are now working.

Here are some famous colleges to study MBBS in Russia:

Ashtrakhan State Medical Academy

Vitebsk State Medical University

Volgograd State Medical Academy

Stavropol State Medical University

Ivanovo State Medical Academy   

2. China

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China has the fastest-growing economy. Besides the economy, China is also famous for its quality of education. And, its educational institutes are also gaining prominence and increasing to the top rank. 

About 72 institutions from China made it to the list of Asian rankings. If you wish to pursue your career in medicine, China would be on the top priority of your list. Not only provide you quality education but also it’s affordable.

Here are some renowned medical colleges in China you can go for:

Luzhou Medical University

North Sichuan Medical College

Anhui Medical University

Yangzhou University

Ningxia Medical University

3. Ukraine

Over the years, Ukraine has gained prominence in medicine. More and more foreign students are coming to pursue their medical degree. Even in times like war, international students are coming to get their degrees in the medical field. In 2011, there were 53,664 international students came to Ukraine for MBBS. And, the number jumped to 75,000 in 2018.

Studying MBBS in Ukraine has also become an option for international students. Mainly because there are world Class government Medical Universities in Ukraine. Another factor would be the hassle-free enrollment process was passing the entrance examination is not a requirement.

Getting enrolled for medical in Ukraine is hassle-free and there is no entrance exam to study. Ukraine adopted European courses of medicine and is cheaper than European countries.

Here are some affordable colleges to make your career as a doctor in Ukraine.

Kiev Medical University

Dnepropetrovsk State Medical Academy

Vinnitsa National Medical University

Odessa National Medical University

Donetsk National Medical University

Kyiv Medical University, Kiev Campus

4. Kyrgyzstan

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Kyrgyzstan is famous for its beautiful landscape and rich culture. This destination is a great place to study, if you are looking for a place for a medical degree and not able to decide which place will be good for your prospect. Then, let me tell you that the universities at Kyrgyzstan will be a great deal for you. Also, it’s a good place to travel and explore as its beauty is breath-taking. 

This country is extremely cheap for medical education and has received popularity over the years. Also, the good thing is the MBBS here offered in English medium.

Here are some famous medical institutes in Kyrgyzstan: 

Osh State University

Jalal-Abad State Medical University

Kyrgyz State Medical Academy

Asian Medical Institute

International School of Medicine, Ism Bishek

Great news, no entrance exam is required for you to get a medical degree here!

5. Philippine

And the final destination in our list is the Philippines. It offers affordable education as well as it offers a low cost of living for foreign students. Here, students can see the diversity in culture and often underappreciated on its beauty. 

Pursuing MBBS will be a good choice, as this country has one of the best medical educations to offer. There are also opportunities for medical graduates to land a job in countries like the US, the Middle East, and the UK. 

Here, are some famous educational institutions in the Philippines you can opt for.

Cagayan State University

AMA College of Medicine (AMA)

University of Perpetual Help Data (UPHS)

Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU)

Manila Central University (MCU)

De La Salle University (DLSHSI)

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