5 Most Delicious Momos Recipies That You Can’t Resist Eating

Delicious Momos Recipes

Momos are something which most of us love to eat, and for some of you, it might be one of your favorite hunger meal. Since ages, people haven’t stopped experimenting on food, and as a result of those experiments, we have a massive arena of mouth-watering meals to taste today. Following those experiments, how can we leave momos? Down, below are some of the most delicious momos recipies that we have to bliss your taste buds.

#1 Cheese Momos

Cheese Momos Recipes

A mouth full of rich, creamy cheese texture with your favorable masala filling inside, isn’t that amazing. Well, this is something which you’ll get to experience eating cheese momos. Cheese momos came to existence a few years back when people started adding cheese to each and every meal they eat. From then, cheese momos acquired a huge fan following in food lovers and became one of the most delicious momos recipies to have on earth.

#2 Chicken Changezi Momos

Chicken Changezi Momos recipes

Everyone has a different theory about what makes for a decent filling in making delicious momos recipies. But, can you ever imagine changezi gravy momos? Yes, we’re talking about the same chicken changezi gravy with some customizations. A mesmerizing aroma of perfectly grinded spices mixed in changezi momos will leave you wanting for more and more.

#3 Tandoori Momos

Tandoori Momos Recipes

Tandoori momos, bested with a thick layer of mayonnaise resembles a heaven for Momo lovers. In any case, before that, they are sufficiently stuffed and after that grilled in a Tandoor lastly served layered in cream alongside Green mint chutney and onion.

#4 Roasted Mushroom Momos

Roasted Mushroom Momos Recipes

Roasted Mushroom Momos are like masala pockets, basically originated from Nepal and Tibet which are made after been brushed with tandoori paste and prepared in a tandoor oven or standard home oven. So you get a delicate, crunchy and incredibly delicious momos recipies. The greater part of the individuals considers eating them with mayonnaise and cream.

#5 Fried Paan Momos

Fried Paan Momos Recipes

Fried Paan Momos is a kind of sautéed paan pockets which are placed on a flat pan and are given a fresh base and a delicate surface on top. From that point onward, they are cooked by adding somewhat stock to the container and covering it so the wonton wrappers get steamed with the tad of dampness. These types of delicious momos recipies are generally had as breakfast.

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