How to deal with your stress and Pressure

“Admissions! Competition! Stress! Exams! Pressure! Assignments! Deadlines! Viva! Can we ever get out of this cycle?” This is the thought that pertains to every student’s head. This unending cycle becomes so stressful that maintaining a level of performance becomes tougher each day. But do we believe in solving any issue we face? I guess we do. Here are 5 tips that will help you to combat stress in style.

1. Prepare yourself

The first step to understanding what’s the source of your stress is to find out where do you feel a bit anxious while preparing for exams, admissions or anything in general in academics. For instance, one can feel very confident when it comes to viva but during written examinations, all the energy gets drained. To overcome this, the best way is to prepare yourself mentally before handed. In this case, pick up a pen and write anything for 15 minutes. In case of low confidence during the viva, practice your answer in front of the mirror. In case of lack of competitiveness, play online quizzes, get into small scale debate/ elocution competition and see how it can do wonders for you over a period of time. This way you prepare yourself for the worst of situations.

2. Time is the key

No one can deny the importance of upholding and religiously practicing the idea of practice. Practice does make a man perfect. What you need to do once you prepare yourself is to practice what you are good at and taking up newer things to develop. Especially before exams, keep reading whatever you find tough whenever you get time. Time is the most important element in a student’s life. Make sure that you give your 100% during the exam season. Create a time table for a week and stick to it. You have to convince yourself that it is just a matter of a week that you need to work this hard. Later, you will enjoy the fruits of these efforts.

3. Progressive approach

Just as movies changed from 2D to 4D, your dressing sense from the 90s to trendy and your food choices from dal-chawal to Pizzas, the market around is changing around you too. Upgrading your knowledge with the real world changes is essential in order to be on the mark. For this, find your area of interest, get trained into it either through classes or real-time experience and learn the changes it brings every day. This gives you a spot in a healthy competition and you actually enjoy your work. This is what passion mingled with right action can create for yourself: a career for life with endless opportunities.

4. Stress Vent

This concept must be on the bucket list of every student. With so much happening around you, so many people flooding you with advice and you being confused in this sphere, hooking on stress is inevitable. Understanding stress vent can be the crowning achievement of your student life. What you have to do is to find what helps you in getting out of stress. It can be spending time with a pet, writing, drawing, going out with friends, talking to your mom, visiting a relative, spending time alone in a green space… Basically, anything and everything that keeps you out of your stressful thoughts for a while and finally makes you feel energized to take up new stuff.

5. Avoid Anticipated Stress

The life you lead is the stress you pursue. Yes, make sure that your lifestyle is healthy enough to keep you on your toes. Try to regulate and follow a pattern for your daily activity, specially dinner and sleeping hours. Make sure you get into the habit of preparing yourself for the right reasons and not anticipate stress unnecessarily. Sometimes, people make you feel stressed by muttering about a lot of things you don’t feel aligned to do. Sometimes, your under preparation can make you feel stressed. Sometimes, it can be your doubts on yourself which you don’t try to address. Avoid getting into this arena of stress yourself. Try to avoid any anticipation and only then things can fall in place for you. 

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