Impact of Corona Virus Over Politics Around the World

impact of corona virus over politics

Impact of Corona Virus can be traced all around the world as a global public health crisis. And Politics play a very significant role over such immense Pandemic’s, though it could be seen representing both good and bad examples for the general public.

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As the numbers of deaths keep rising, so does the need to gain control over this crisis. In this environment of fear and rage, almost every nation and their political representatives are trying every possible measure to gain some control over the crisis as soon a possible. Now, the impact of corona virus over politics seems to serve differently from one place to another, where some countries observe it as a serious health crisis and some see it as an invisible foreign enemy that they have to defeat.

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But for some political representatives across the globe, their true responsibility towards the pandemic gets heavily overlaid with their political calculations, thus unleashing their greed for lead-up to the upcoming elections.

On the other hand, the impact of corona virus over politics also increased the political crisis between the two nations. Yes, both the major countries America and China framed controversies over one another blaming the crisis as a Bio-Weapon created to overpower one another. This type of ungraceful gesture represented by the two nations could lead to a very dreadful environment of racism and fear between the general public of the two global giants.

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Following the facts, every nation present on the globe have announced a lockdown in their territories, and have requested their citizens to stay inside their houses and work from home until the lockdown comes to an end. Many reputable personalities have shown up against the crisis, donating some amount of their earnings to the government. Also, many human representatives came forward to help during the crisis serving whatever they can, to turn this out into something good. And Politics can not always take credit for their effort and sacrifice.

Now what people and some political representatives really need to understand is that it’s not a combat war which the entire world is fighting against. It’s a serious global health care emergency and we have to treat it like that to make some difference until a vaccine or treatment is quickly developed.

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