How to Turn Around Your Life, Based on True Events

How to Turn Around Your Life, Based on True Events

A Girl Who Turned Her Life Around

A lot happened over 23 years of lifespan. It was monsoon when she breathed for the first time in this world. Her father was a troubled man as he never paid attention to her or her mother. She had only one pillar of support that is her mother. When she was born, her grandparents did not accept and send her off to maternal grandparents.

When she was 12 years old, she found out about her disease (diabetes type 1) and the tragedy shook in the adolescent year. 6 months down the line, she lost her grandparent’s financial support and so as other support. And, along with her father and mother, got kicked out of the place where she used to live with her grandparents, were on her father’s earning; they only make it to their ends meet. She and her mother, who was diabetic type 2 patient at the time, never received treatment for their wellbeing. However, they were living in hopes that one day; it will turn around for them. They had only one property of their own, received during the partition of family property that too her paternal aunts tried to take over. She was leading a living hell but, that did not stop there as her mother passed away with long-time disease, and nobody was there by her side.

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The tragedy again kicked in, when she learned her maternal uncles are also there to snatch her, one of her uncle’s she trusted the most convinced her to sell her only property and after selling that, he started taking the money, whenever, used to receive the installment from the builder.

One day, a dear friend understood the strategy her uncle plotted against her and asked her to keep the next installment to herself then; Her uncle showed his true colors and kicked her out of his house.

There is an old saying, where there’s a will there’s a way. With her patient, consciousness, and intelligence she turned her life around as she boycotted her uncle and received the rest of the money from the builder, and now she is under medical surveillance, alive and living a good healthy life. However, some of her organs were destroyed during the battle of life. I hope she will be happy for the rest of her life.

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So, never lose faith because the lord is up there watching out for everyone and sends his messengers to rescue one’s who are alone and need help.

Last, I heard from her; She adopted a puppy and leading a good social life in Hyderabad. Now, she is better than ever.

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