E-learning, A Huge Revolution Across the Globe

E-learning, A Huge Revolution

E-learning A Huge Revolution

E-learning is a technique where learning gets more accessible and convenient. A learning system that involves formalized teaching & electronic resources is known to be E-learning. The first teaching machine was invented by BF Skinner, a Harvard Professor in the year of 1954. This machine enabled the administration to program the instruction to their students. In the late 20th century, the computer and internet have been introduced, the method of e-learning tools and delivery expanded. The first MAC in the 1980′s enabled individuals to have computers in their homes, making it easier for them to learn about particular subjects and develop certain skill sets. In that same decade, virtual learning began to truly thrive among people, with getting access to the abundance of information and e-learning opportunities. 

E-learning gives you the liberty to make your learning in or out of the classroom. The only two components required a computer & good connection of the internet then you are good to go. You can sit anywhere at your home, park, cafe, etc. You can start your online course.

E-learning, A Huge Revolution
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E-learning is also known as the network-enabled transfer of skills and knowledge. This technique of learning is adopted by a large number of recipients across the world & it is widely accepted now, but previously it hasn’t received full-fledged acceptance as it was presumed this technique lacking the human element, which is necessary for learning.

Technologies are widely progressing this leads to the advancement in the learning system. Now it is embraced by a large number of audiences. The combination of computers and the internet helped in making a revolution in the field of E-learning, with the transit of time, as we glued to our devices such as tablets, smartphones, etc, now have significance in the learning.  Gradually, electronic educations materials like optical discs or pen drive taking place of books.

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