How do Indian Digital Dynamics Changing

How Indian Digital Dynamics changing?

Check out our other stories on Trending Thoughts. How do Indian Digital Dynamics changing? In today’s fast world of Information Highway, the largest number of pedestrians using this new path is none other than Millennial. Yes, the world is crunching down extensively on the basis of digital presence on several platforms of digital media. Millennials on average, spend 90+ minutes on social media every day. Although different age groups are active digitally, the highest engagement across platforms is witnessed among the age group of 16-25. These are the years beyond formative learning leading to the incorporation of some fundamental convictions that will make Gen Next smart enough to make effective choices in terms of jobs, relationships, entrepreneurship, and continuous education.

Effective choice cannot be raised in a day’s time. It is a practice that is to be observed consciously in consuming what one seeks and sees on the Internet. Social media brings in loads of knowledge for everyone, but not everything that you read is important or true for the time being. Thus, the effective choice is to be made while surfing through the Internet. This is now a part of leading a peaceful life and sharpening your mind.

One might think of how the Internet can impose such a huge challenge in creating an effective choice. The answer is in the normal human tendency that can be observed around you. The higher number of impressions digitally leads to higher chances of engagement in a particular field. Let’s say, if your engagement is high for memes, then they will be displayed to you across digital platforms that you are active on. So it is very important to know what is it that you want your Internet and tons of apps to show.

The most formidable step that you can take up to avoid this play of Digital Dynamics is to be more aware of what you search, like, share, and comment on social media. Apart from that, make sure that you engage yourself in some intellectual readings/ articles of your current industry trend/ area of interest. This will help you in avoiding random junk. Millennials, who are now under the canon of questions, it is time for you to be self-conscious and make effective choices! 

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