Top 8 Research Topics in the Field of Computer Science


Top 8 research topics in the field of computer science

There are so many flourishing industries in computer science that will give you a very great prospect in today’s business environment.

Data warehousing

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Data warehousing is a thriving field nowadays and the industry has a great future ahead. It is the action of building data using the data warehouse. Data warehouse created by combining data from different heterogeneous sources that support structured and/or ad hoc queries, analytical reporting, and decision making. By 2026, this industry will be at its heights, so embrace you for data warehousing

Internet of things

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a booming industry; it is the technique of interrelated mechanical and digital machines, computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, people or animals that gets the unique Id’s (UIDs) to be able to transfer data on a network. It does not require human interaction or human to computer interaction. It comprises of data cleaning, data consolidations, and data integration. The certification on the Internet of things will be valuable in your account.

This technology is the new future. Everything will be controlled digitally. Even if you are not in the home, you will be able to control every system using your Smartphone.

Big data

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Big data is the technology that is high demand business. It is a set of data that is very large and too complex to extract a piece of information manually. Then, the big data comes into the picture. It is used to extract information systematically from very complex data. Big data specially used to extract unstructured data which is impossible for the traditional method, tools, and software to extract.

Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing is the storage technology over the network. It comprises of hardware and software to create a service over the Internet. With cloud computing, the end-users will be able to access files, downloaded applications, and contact. Also, it is accessible from any device which has access to the Internet. It is the field where the earning can be very high and it is a very interesting subject as well. It has a great prospect in the present time. And, in the coming years, the stake will stay higher.

Semantic Web

Semantic Web
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The term “Semantic Web” also known as W3C’s vision web that is linked to data. Semantic Web technologies give you access to the end-user to generate data Semantic web storage on the Web, write rules for handling data, and create vocabularies. Data that is linked are evoked by technologies such as SPARQL, RDF, OWL, and SKOS. The semantic web is very useful. It is one of the top computing research fields. It is growing the industry. The market value for this industry has been burgeoning. So, it will be a great learning investment. It will add a good amount of exposes to computer science.


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A MANET or wireless ad hoc network is a wireless network. The network does not depend on the pre-existing infrastructure, such as access points in a wireless network that can be managed or routers in wired networks. It is a very progressive field of computer science. And, it is the field of interest for all the tech-savvy people. So, get yourself enrolled for the course and the career opportunity will be wide open.

Machine learning

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Everything in these world video audio, pictures, spreadsheets is data. The world has a dependency on it. Machine learning has provided the driven meaning to those data. The machine learning industry has a big future ahead of us. It is a part of artificial intelligence (AI) that gives the systems the ability to improve from experience automatically without being programmed explicitly. Machine learning concentrates on the development of the program with accessible data.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence
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Artificial intelligence (AI) is the industry which is booming very rapidly in computer science. It has the highest demand in all fields today. And, it will stay on-demand in the future because of an area of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines like humans. This intelligence makes it possible learning from experience and ready to take new input and perform tasks just like a human.

Getting bodies’ certification in the AI will add an enhanced prospect to your resume and will keep you a very demanding candidate.

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