Top 10 Wrong Technical Myths That You Need To Know

Wrong Technical Myths

Myths regarding technology in today’s world are very less to hear, but still, some people create such wrong technical myths inside their mind which are then spread over like forest fire. So, to prevent this from happening we’ve gathered up some most common wrong technical myth which you might be believing unknowingly.

#1 Clearing Background Apps Gives Better Performance

The OS present in your smartphone is more brilliant than you might suspect; it automatically closes applications from the background when it needs more assets. Moreover, when you clear apps from the background, your device takes even longer to open it again.

#2 Overnight Charging Causes Battery Explosion

This type of wrong technical myths took place in people’s mind after a few smartphones exploded while charging. However, modern technology smartphones come with smart circuits that cut off power as soon as the battery hits 100%.

#3 Radiation From Cell Phone Causes Cancer

This is something which we all have heard and once believed that the radiation emitted from cell phones could cause cancer. However, none of the studies and researches were able to prove that.

#4 Using Smartphones at the Petrol Pump Can Cause an Explosion

Some petrol pumps do keep a caution board saying keep your phones off. It actually means that even a single spark from your phone’s battery can cause an explosion. However, that used to be a case long years ago, our today’s smartphones are built up from most advanced technologies, which cant even let it happen.

#5 Refreshing Your PC Will Make it Run Faster

Again one of the widespread wrong technical myths that most of the users still believe. Refresh button only refreshes the screen you are on, not your whole computer. If you copied something on your desktop and it’s not showing you that file, refreshing your desktop will make it appear there.

#6 Virus Can’t Affect Mac Computers

Most of the people across the globe believe such completely wrong technical myths. They think that a virus can’t attack and Mac system, but this is not true. A virus can affect both PCs and Mac computers, but most of the hackers are targeted towards windows because the number of windows users is much higher than mac users.

#7 Turning Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Can Save Power

First of all, you guys have to stop believing these wrong technical myths. The most recent technology utilized for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is so power-efficient that you don’t have to switch them off each time you don’t utilize them. Though, if you are actively using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, your device will eat up battery. However, if they are inactive (not associated), turning them off won’t affect the battery life.

#8 Frequently Charging Your Smartphone Battery Degrades Your Battery Performance

Well, we can’t completely agree to this because Modern-day smartphone batteries are manufactured in such a way that they perform better when charged frequently.

#9 Bigger Battery Means Better Battery Backup

We can accept the fact that bigger batteries can obviously hold more power than the smaller one’s. However, it doesn’t mean that they can also provide better battery backup. Battery backup depends upon how our system utilizes it. A device having a smaller battery will give a more extended battery backup if it’s OS is well optimized as compared to a device with an unoptimized OS and a big battery.

#10 Better Picture Quality Means More Megapixels

Most of the people around the world believe that better image quality means more megapixels. To make you aware, this is again one of those entirely wrong technical myths. Better picture quality entirely depends upon the camera’s aperture. Having more megapixels just gives you the ability to crop, zoom, and print big posters.

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