A Boy in Haryana Pushes His Brand New BMW Into a River Because He Wanted a Jaguar

NEW BMW Into a River

According to a piece of recent news that was going viral on the internet like a flu, a boy from Haryana, India got a high-end BMW as a birthday gift from his parents. But he wanted a Jaguar as his birthday gift. And to express his anger, the boy pushed his brand new BMW into a river nearby. Scroll down and read the entire article carefully to catch on the issue.

According to what the news agencies and people standing nearby saw;

” Early in the morning, the boy parked his brand new bmw in front of the river, and then pushed his brand new bmw into a river “

The incident came to exposure when the BMW got stuck in a heap of tall grass. When people saw it, a man with the help of a few divers and crane, got the car out.

New BMW Into a River

The situation is now completely under control, the youth’s parents have denied to register a case and explained the matter saying ” our son is going through a mental illness “

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